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Headache services offered in Fort Worth, TX

Headaches and migraines may be a nuisance, feel debilitating, or be a sign of a more serious problem. At Prosperity Health and Wellness, a telehealth practice serving adults in Fort Worth, Texas, Melinda Davis-McClendon, AGPCNP-C, can find the root cause of headache pain and treat it to provide you a better quality of life. Call Prosperity Health and Wellness or book a telehealth appointment online today to learn more.

Headache Q & A

What is a headache?

A headache causes a feeling of discomfort in different areas of your head. You may feel pain around the back of your neck, temples, forehead, or on one side of your head. Headaches or migraines (severe forms of headaches) can appear as:

  • Dull, aching discomfort
  • Sharp pain
  • Shooting pain
  • Light or sound sensitivity
  • Visual disturbances

Headache pain might range in severity from mild to severe or crippling. Headaches could last just a few hours or several days when left untreated. Migraines can cause debilitating nausea or vomiting. 

Through virtual visits, Melinda offers headache treatments and medical guidance to give you the relief you deserve. 

Who is at a higher risk of developing a headache?

While headaches are common and can happen to anyone, some risk factors may increase your risk of experiencing a headache. Examples include:

  • A family history of migraines 
  • Dehydration
  • Skipping meals
  • Sleep changes
  • Increased stress
  • Intense exercise
  • Congestion
  • Some medications
  • Vision or eye problems
  • Alcohol consumption 

Melinda can help find the root cause of your headache or migraine pain and the appropriate care to treat it. She reviews your symptoms and medical history and may recommend other diagnostic tests to rule out underlying causes of head pain. 

What are common headache treatments?

Prosperity Health and Wellness is dedicated to helping you find lasting relief for headaches and migraines. Melinda can develop a personalized care plan, which may include:

Lifestyle changes

Making healthy lifestyle changes may reduce your risk of developing headaches. Examples include eating nutritious foods, getting regular exercise, not smoking or drinking alcohol, staying hydrated, keeping stress levels low, and getting enough sleep. 


You may need medication management in some cases (if your medication regimen is causing you head pain). 

Specialist referrals 

If your headaches are caused by a tumor or severe head injury, Melinda may refer you to a specialist to ensure you receive the most appropriate care.

You don’t have to struggle with headaches and migraines when telehealth makes it easy to get the prompt treatment you need. 

To get help for headaches and migraines, call Prosperity Health and Wellness or book a telehealth appointment online today.